Wednesday, February 24, 2021

撒上 5:9 運到之後,耶和華的手攻擊那城, 使那城的人大大驚慌,無論大小都生痔瘡 ( 鼠疫爆發)

康博士  ( Dr. Constable )

撒上 5:9 運到之後,耶和華的手攻擊那城,
使那城的人大大驚慌,無論大小都生痔瘡 ( 鼠疫爆發)

And it was so, that, after they had carried it about, 
the hand of Jehovah was against the city 
with a very great discomfiture: and he smote the men of the city, 
both small and great; and tumors brake out upon them.

撒上 6:4 非利士人說:「應當用甚麼獻為賠罪的禮物呢?」他們回答說:「當照非利士首領的數目,用五個金痔瘡,五個金老鼠,因為在你們眾人和你們首領的身上都是一樣的災。
撒上 6:5 所以當製造你們痔瘡的像和毀壞你們田地老鼠的像,並要歸榮耀給以色列的神,或者他向你們和你們的神,並你們的田地,把手放輕些。

嘔吐和痢疾困擾著人們,這可能一直撒上 6:5 所以當製造你們痔瘡的像和毀壞你們田地老鼠的像,並要歸榮耀給以色列的神,或者他向你們和你們的神,並你們的田地,把手放輕些。伴隨症狀2
The Hebrew word translated "broke out" occurs only here in
the Old Testament (Ch. 5 v. 9). The Septuagint translators
interpreted it accurately as "groin." These tumors were
apparently most prominent in the groin area, hence the English
translation "hemorrhoids." But hemorrhoids are not normally
fatal. Tumors in the groin are a symptom of bubonic plague.
Since the Philistines associated mice with this plague (6:4-5),

and mice carry bubonic plague, it may be that the hand of
Yahweh sent this particular affliction on them. Josephus wrote
that vomiting and dysentery plagued the people, which may
have been accompanying symptoms.